Md. Republicans Outline Bills To Address Violent Crime, Provide More Support To Police


Maryland Republican House members are backing a set of bills they said would address violent crime and reverse some of the consequences of what they call anti-police laws that were passed last year.

“Ensuring the safety of our citizens, children, communities, and businesses is a fundamental role of government,” said Delegate Jesse Pippy, R-Carroll / Frederick Counties said. “We need to make sure we are doing everything we can to make sure prosecutors and police have the tools they need to combat the plague of violent crime in our state.”

One measure would prohibit bail for someone who is charged with a crime of violence if the person has pending charges for a previous crime of violence. Another bill would require state and local correctional facilities to comply with Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE detainers for people convicted of violent crimes, terrorism or participation in criminal street gangs.

Also, Delegate Carl Anderton, R-Wicomico County is primary sponsor of a bill that would make the state responsible for costs and expenses associated with implementing police-worn body cameras.

“Local law enforcement agencies are struggling to keep up with the new administrative requirements placed on them by laws passed last year,” Anderton said. “Especially for smaller, rural police departments, the costs associated with implementing body worn cameras and other mandates are crippling their budgets. If the State wishes to mandate their use, then the state should pay for it, so that law enforcement agencies can direct their limited funds to activities we know support public safety.”

One other bill would allow municipalities to create their own police accountability boards and administrative charging committees. GOP House lawmakers said under current law, complaints made against a municipal police department would be heard at the county level, eliminating the local community from the review process.