Md. State Employees Can Collect $100 Once Fully Vaxxed


Get the shot, get $100…

Maryland State employees now have an incentive to get vaccinated for coronavirus. They are eligible to receive a $100 payment once they are fully vaccinated.

“With this incentive program, we are further encouraging state employees to get vaccinated to help keep themselves, their families, and their communities healthy and safe,” Governor Larry Hogan said Monday. “Incentives like this are another way to reinforce the importance of getting vaccinated, and we strongly encourage businesses across the state to consider offering incentives to their workers as well. These vaccines are safe and effective, they’re free, and they’re readily available with or without an appointment.”

Maryland state employees can provide their HR office with proof of vaccination and must agree to get all subsequent booster shots recommended by the CDC within 18 months of being fully vaccinated. The reward is retroactive for employees who have already been fully vaccinated. Those who do not follow the booster guideline would be required to reimburse the state.