Men Arrested after They Destroy Punching-Bag Arcade Machine


Rehoboth Beach police arrested two men for smashing the “boxer” (punching machine) at Zelky’s Beach Arcade-South this past Saturday night as police were investigating the stabbing. They broke through the fiberglass body and Plexiglas display, says Matt Weiner, whose family owns the three Zelky’s arcades on the Rehoboth boardwalk. The machine appears to be a total loss, he added.

Weiner said he went out to look for the suspects himself because the police were tied up on the stabbing. As he rode up Rehoboth Avenue on his scooter, he spotted the culprits walking along the street. He said that Sgt. Scott O’Bier happened to be in the area in his police car, so after he let him know, the two were arrested. They both appeared to be drunk.