Millsboro Downtown Revitalization Plans Move Forward


Millsboro is moving into another phase of its downtown revitalization plan.

A project is getting underway on West State Street to replace sidewalks, repave the road and improve the stormwater collection system. Town and State funds will pay for the project, which comes after a sidewalk replacement project along Main Street, and repaving of the downtown public parking lot.

According to Millsboro Town Manager Sheldon Hudson, DelDOT has indicated that it plans to repave Main and Washington Streets once the West State Street Project is done.

“The Town is beyond excited to begin implementing the next phase of its Downtown Revitalization Plan,” Hudson said. “Now that the sidewalks along Main Street [EB 24] have been replaced (and pavers added) and the downtown public parking lot repaved, the Town can shift its focus to other needed improvements. While one can never know for sure, the Town believes the additional public investments in the downtown area will continue to attract private investment and interest. The recent purchase of the former Carey’s Frame Shop property and the renovations being made to Royce Mini Mall may be just the start of a major trend in this regard.”