Milton China Wok shut down for roach infestation, gross conditions


Milton-area Chinese carryout restaurant, China Wok was shut down after a routine inspection discovered the place was infested with roaches.

Numerous live and dead roaches were observed throughout the restaurant at the time of the inspection, according to the report from the Delaware Division of Public Health’s Office of Food Protection.

“No person on site at the time of the inspection was able to demonstrate any food safety knowledge,” the report read.

Inspectors observed several food safety violations, including a cook that was manipulating broccoli with their bare hands and several cases of improper food storage.

Serious violations of cross contamination were observed, including a cook that was spotted changing tasks between raw and ready to eat meats without changing their gloves, according to the report.

The report stated that the restaurant’s back screen door had gaps in it that would allow pests to enter freely.

One resident took to social media after eating at the establishment towards the end of October, showing a picture of what appears to be a roach in the food he ordered.

“We live around and support these businesses and if they aren’t going to be clean they shouldn’t be taking our money,” he said. “This about people and businesses being clean!”

The facility was ordered to close Friday after the inspection deemed the restaurant an imminent health hazard. They were immediately ordered to desist all operations following the inspection.

The restaurant was ordered to hire a certified pest control specialist to take care of the roach infestation and perform a deep cleaning of the entire facility before they’re permitted to resume operations.

WGMD News reached out to China Wok who was not immediately available to respond to a request for comment.