More Dewey Beach Candidate News & Controversy

Elections Board to discuss Comm. Moskowitz’s candidacy after a complaint by Dave Davis.

Topics covered at Sunday’s Dewey Beach 2020 Candidate Forum included managing the town’s budget, infrastructure funding, should larger houses be allowed, rooftop decks and setbacks, implementing a hotel tax, COVID-19 recovery, police, and lifeguards, selecting a new town manager, and making parking simpler and friendlier.

The forum has been posted on YouTube and as of Monday evening only had around 125 views.

In other election news, an email newsletter dubbed the “Dewey Truth” last week claimed that Comm. David Moskowitz is not eligible to vote or be a commissioner because he changed his property ownership to an LLC. As a result, Dave Davis, a former commissioner candidate himself, filed a complaint with the Dewey Beach Board of Elections.

“Everyone knows I have owned property in Dewey Beach for over seven years and now live here full time with my 16-month-old daughter,” Comm. Moskowitz said. “The complaint is baseless. My driver’s license, bank accounts, utility bills, health insurance, voter registration, library card and tax returns are all Dewey Beach. I look forward to presenting my case on Friday,” he added.

Comm. Moskowitz provided copies to WGMD of his current Delaware driver’s license, IRS tax form, voter registration, among numerous other documents, and they support his claim that he is a resident of Dewey Beach which would qualify him to vote and run for commissioner.

The Board has scheduled a hearing on this issue for 4 p.m. Friday.

Only 19 days to Dewey Beach election day! For more election info, see the town website.