Mountaire Reviewing Hoosier Street Closure Options In Selbyville


RELEASE FROM MOUNTAIRE FARMS:  At the request of the Selbyville Town Council, Mountaire Farms has been reviewing options for traffic flow on Hoosier Street, where the company’s processing plant is located.

Although the company has been following the same process for decades, the town has raised concerns about live haul trucks backing across Hoosier Street from one Mountaire owned property to the plant.

The company has since hired an engineering firm to do traffic studies of Hoosier Street, and
propose options for traffic that include closing the street from Railroad Avenue to just before the Southern Delaware School for the Arts.

In a presentation to the Town Council last week, Mountaire attorney Mark Dunkle presented a few options, including closing the road to thru traffic, which was the preferred option for the
company. Normally, when a town permanently closes a portion of a street, the ownership reverts to the property owners on either side, at no cost. But Dunkle said Mountaire was willing to offer a donation to the town of $1 million. That money could be used for any number of projects including restorations to the Post Office, upgrades to the Police Department or any other needs in the town.

The company asked the Town Council to appoint a Committee to study the issue, as the Town Charter allows. On Monday, January 7th , the Town Council unanimously agreed to appoint a committee to study the issue.