Murray Criticizes Carney On Jobs, FOIA Response


Republican gubernatorial candidate Julianne Murray said Thursday that expectations of new industries and jobs and a cleaner environment have not come to reality under the Coastal Zone Conversion Permit Act signed by Governor John Carney.

Speaking in New Castle along with Delaware Republican Party Chair Jane Brady, Murray said regulations took two years for DNREC to create, and that they place unrealistic expectations upon interested businesses.

Murray said her own approach toward job creation and economic development would be two-pronged.

“Part of it is a small business aspect which is getting those small businesses – the engine of our economy – back to operational, getting open, boosting that economy. The other side of it is that big business side. The fact of the matter is over the past approximately 30 years we have chased a lot of big business out of this state,” Murray said.

“No business will be willing to invest their money and build, given the terms included in the regulations,” Brady added. “These sites are wasting away, with horrible environmental conditions that have been ignored by the Carney Administration. The state is not well served when the opportunity to remediate these sites and bring good paying jobs to Delaware is wasted as well.”

Also Thursday, Murray took issue with the Governor’s policies regarding the Freedom of Information Act. She said she has filed FOIA requests for information about the COVID-19 State of Emergency, how nursing home patients diagnosed with COVID-19 were placed back into nursing homes, and how decisions were made regarding school closings and repoenings.

Instead, Murray said she received press clippings and media inquiries from the Carney Administration.

“Delawareans have a right to know how John Carney decided which businesses were essential and how COVID – 19 patients were sent to nursing homes,” Murray said. “Clearly, Carney is unwilling to provide any transparency. He’s running out the election clock to avoid being held accountable.”

Recently, Carney restored full compliance with FOIA after a period during which requests would not be dealt with until 15 days after the State of Emergency is lifted.