National Aquarium Returns Rescued Seal ‘Huck Finn’ to Atlantic at Assateague

A core team of Animal Rescue staff traveled to Assateague State Park the morning of April 29 to release successfully rehabilitated rescued seal Huck Finn back to the Atlantic Ocean. The National Aquarium’s staff remains dedicated to providing the highest level of animal care and welfare as well as advancing mission critical work despite its temporary closure due to COVID-19.

Huckleberry Finn, nicknamed in line with this season’s rescue seal naming theme of storybook characters, was originally rescued on February 27 from Assateague State Park. Upon his arrival to the Aquarium’s Animal Care and Rescue Center, the Animal Health and Rescue teams determined he was extremely dehydrated, underweight, and had external signs of wounds and infection.

During Huck’s two months of rehabilitation he gained more than 30 pounds under the care of the Aquarium team. Additionally, Huck grew stronger and improved his swimming skills. While the staff will miss watching Huck and fellow rescued seal Pippi interact like siblings, they know he is ready to return to his natural habitat and that his feisty personality will serve him well.

Animal Health and Rescue staff continue to provide care for gray seal Pippi Longstocking and look forward to when she can also be returned to her ocean home.

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