“Never Again!” | OC Mayor outraged after city was held hostage by unruly car enthusiasts

Ocean City Boardwalk – WGMD’s Rob Petree

“Never again will they hold our city hostage and challenge our police department,” Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan said of the thousands of unruly car enthusiasts who wreaked havoc in the beach town over the weekend.

Annually, City Officials and Police are faced with increasing challenges as hundreds, if not thousands, of unruly car enthusiasts take to the area for an unsanctioned event that’s no longer even held in the town. As a result, the town experiences a host of issues.

Saturday evening, large crowds gathered in the areas of 13th and 14th Streets and Baltimore Avenue and quickly became unruly. Police tried to clear the area, and several officers were injured as people in the crowd threw rocks and bottles at them.

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan strongly condemned the actions of those involved while recalling a host of incidents over the weekend on the Mike Bradley Show Monday morning.

OC Mayor Rick Meehan condemns the actions of those involved…

“For a group like that to come to Ocean City, challenge our police department, to challenge our community, and to really disrepect our community and come here to really to defy the law, just is not acceptable,” explained Mayor Meehan.


Moving forward, Mayor Meehan will meet with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to discuss ways to deter the group from wreaking the kind of havoc they did this year, next year.

Ocean City Police were assisted by the Maryland State Police, Maryland Department of Nature Resources (DNR) Police, and the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office to help keep the situation calm.