New Bail Rules Get Approval Of Del. Supreme Court

After several years of study and recommendations from a court-appointed committee, the Delaware Supreme Court has adopted new criminal pretrial release rules that take effect April 4th – replacing interim rules that took effect in December 2018 under the Bail Reform Act.
The new rules were created to simplify and clarify the interim rule, while keeping with the goal of moving away from cash bail and using non-monetary conditions of release without compromising public safety and ensuring that a defendant shows up for future court proceedings.

“After several years of experience working under the interim rule and attempting to effect meaningful bail reform, this is an effort to simplify Delaware’s bail rules, integrate certain unexpected changes in recent law, and make the whole of our emerging bail system fairer to those affected and more understandable to those who implement the rules each day,” Superior Court Judge Paul Wallace said. Judge Wallace is co-chair of the review committee.

To read the full text of the Special Rules of Criminal Procedure for Pre-trial Release, please CLICK HERE

According to the Delaware Judiciary, the new rule was based in part on recommendations of a special committee with representatives from Superior Court, Family Court, Court of Common Pleas, Administrative Office of the Courts, Department of Justice, Office of Defense Services, DELJIS and other stakeholders.