New Choptank Rates Take Effect December 1st


On Wednesday, Choptank Electric Cooperative’s Board of Directors voted to approved the proposed rate changes – which will go into effect on December 1st. Officials say that distribution rates are increasing – the cost of purchasing electricity from their generation supplier, Old Dominion Electric Cooperative, is decreasing. And Choptank is passing that full reduction on to members. They will lower the Power Cost Adjustment or PCA line on your bill – which in most rate classes will offset the distribution increase – giving you a small decrease in your monthly energy bill.

Additional information from Choptank Electric Cooperative:

Choptank has worked diligently over the last five years to control expenses associated with the distribution of electricity to our members. While expenses for inputs continued to increase, we were able to manage inventory supply and keep many inflationary tendencies at bay. But we have reached the point where we must incorporate expense realities and adjust distribution rates that have been unchanged since 2018.

These are the anticipated impacts of the rate actions on monthly bills for Residential Members:

  • Customer charge of $11.75 is unchanged
  • Proposed distribution increase to $.06351/kWh (currently $.05375/kWh)
  • Proposed PCA decrease to $0.01650/kWh (currently $.03159/kWh)
  • Overall decrease of $5.33 per 1,000 kWh
  • Overall decrease of 3.11%
  • Current 1000kWh bill = $171.57
  • Proposed 1000kWh bill = $166.24

Additional details for all rate classes can be found on the rates page of our website at