New Dewey Beach Police Officer in Training


K9 Max in training in North Carolina / Image courtesy Dewey Beach PD

A new officer is in training for the Dewey Beach Police. K-9 Max is a German Shepherd currently training in North Carolina to be certified in patrol, narcotics detection, tracking/trailing and apprehension work. When his training is completed officials say he will be imprinted to locate cocaine, heroin and meth.

K9 Max was initially selected in Slovakia by Jerry Bradshaw, head trainer and founder of Tarheel Canine in Sanford North Carolina. At the end of his training, K9 Max’s certifications will include: obedience, agility, tactical patrol (area search, building search, felony vehicle stops, and interviews).

His last month of training will include his Dewey PD partner, Cpl Kurten as they become a team.

They should be on the streets of Dewey Beach in the late fall.