New Director Checks In At Sussex Co. Libraries


The Sussex County Department of Libraries has a new director.

Rachel Lynch, who has been Assistant County Librarian, will replace retiring director Kathy Graybeal.

The Sussex County library system has about 50 staff members. Lynch will oversee the three county-owned libraries and the Sussex County mobile library, in addition to working with the eleven independent libraries to ensure that the statewide automated library system runs smoothly.

“I’m thrilled to have been selected to lead the County library system,” Lynch said. “I look forward to working more closely with the libraries and their communities to support their literary and informational needs.”

Lynch also said she wants to create more strategic partnerships, such as the one with Beebe Healthcare that has brought the bookmobile into communities to provide vaccinations for COVID-19.

Lynch was appointed as Libraries Director by Sussex County Council earlier this week.

“Rachel brings the experience and knowledge of the library system that will ensure a successful transition,” County Council President Michael Vincent said. “I have no doubt that Rachel will do an excellent job supporting the County-owned libraries and embracing the relationship that the County has with the other 11 independent libraries.”

 “Ms. Graybeal’s leadership will be missed,” County Administrator Todd F. Lawson added. “Her time as the County Librarian has made a lasting impression on the County. During her tenure, she helped from the construction of the Greenwood Library to the implementation of the grant agreements now in place with the independent libraries.”