New Historical Marker Commemorates Rehoboth “Surf Safety Line”


A past safety feature that may have saved lives in Rehoboth Beach has been recognized with a new historical marker.

The marker recognizes the surf safety lines that would help bathers get back to shore. “Back in the day,” women especially wore woolen swimsuits which became quite heavy when they were wet.

Women’s swimsuits also covered a lot more back then.

The Village Improvement Association and Delaware Public Archives collaborated on bringing the historical marker to reality. It is now in place on the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk

The marker’s content is as follows:

 “When at the beach, women of the early 20th century wore woolen bathing attire that covered most of their bodies. When wet, the suits were heavy, and it became difficult to leave the surf and get back onto the beach without help. The women of the Village Improvement Association solved this by funding surf safety lines that were anchored in the sand and attached to a buoy offshore. When ready to leave, bathers could hold onto the line and pull themselves out of the water to the shore.”