New Machines Target Attempts To Smuggle Contraband


The Delaware Department of Correction has introduced ‘modern Millimeter Wave’ technology whole body imaging scanners to supplement its efforts to keep contraband out of the state’s prisons.

The machines use non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation that more easily and more effectively detects objects on or inside a person’s body. The DOC says the MMw scanner is safe and does not expose anyone to harmful radiation. The machines are being installed at all entrances at Delaware correctional facilities.

“DOC’s investment in advanced¬†Millimeter Wave scanners arms us with¬†21st Century technology to meet 21st Century threats and to better support safety and security across our correctional system,”¬†Correction Commissioner Claire DeMatteis said.¬†¬†

“Whether it’s drug contraband, dangerous weapons or devices intended to defeat security systems or¬†aid in an escape attempt, they all present significant safety and security concerns for our people and our facilities,”¬†Deputy Commissioner Monroe Hudson added.¬†¬†“This technology will greatly enhance our¬†proactive efforts to keep them out and to¬†hold those¬†who may try to introduce illegal¬†contraband into our prisons accountable for their actions.”

The prison system’s contraband mitigation program also includes security cameras, drone surveillance, K-9 teams and other intelligence-gathering resources.