New No-Loitering Signs – A Success So Far in Dewey


In past seasons, Dewey Beach police have had chronic problems with people hanging out in this lot engaged in suspicious activity during the early morning hours. It’s on the corner of Coastal Highway and Dagsworthy Street.

This summer, Lt. Clifford Dempsey, police spokesman, says the town has been working closely with the management of the shopping center and they have erected seven of these NO LOITERING signs. The problem in the past has been that they would sit here in their cars while most of the shops were closed and they would rarely actually patronize the business that remained open.

But all that has changed with these signs, says Lt. Dempsey.

This has allowed the police to challenge people parked in the lot engaged in suspicious activity at odd hours. Memorial Day Weekend was the first test, and so far, it has been successful, he said.