OC Councilman Claims He Was Hacked, Insensitive Post Was Not From Him

A member of Ocean City Council said his Facebook account was hacked, and that a racially insensitive post sent to someone was not from him. The matter has come to the attention of the Mayor and Council.

Councilman Mark Paddack has asked for an investigation into what he said was a hack that resulted in the comment being widely circulated. The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Wednesday that “Saturday, September 11th, 2021 the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office received a call from Ocean City Councilman Mark Paddack related to unauthorized access of his FaceBook account. As a result, the incident is being investigated by the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation.

Paddack had no other comment, saying an attorney is also involved. At a meeting this week, he declined a request made by a couple of colleagues to take a leave of absence from council while the incident is under investigation.