OC Theater Approved To Show Drive-In Movies, With Conditions


An Ocean City movie theater want to take it outside.

Fox Sun and Surf in the north end came to Council looking for a temporary outdoor use permit to present drive-in movies in its rear parking lot. Patrons would purchase tickets and concessions virtually, and would be required to wear masks while visiting the concessions stand or the restrooms.

Indoor theater screenings are prohibited in Maryland under the COVID-19 pandemic State of Emergency. The temporary use provision was also used to allow restaurants to set up outdoor dining spaces in their parking lots and on their sidewalks.

Several questions were raised about whether nearby residents would be able to see the presentation while passing by, including adult-oriented material. The theater would be willing to build a temporary fence. Fox Sun and Surf hopes to present a nightly double-feature, with the earlier movie a family-oriented offering.

Patrons would be able to hear the movie soundtrack through their car radios.