Ocean City Continues to Monitor Hurricane Florence, OC Bikefest Moved to Convention Center


Ocean City emergency management officials are continuing to monitor Hurricane Florence, which is now showing a southern track, steering farther away from the Maryland coastline.  While emergency management officials watch closely in the event of changes to the storm’s path, Ocean City continues to be open for business. OC Bikefest events, including the ticketed concerts, have been moved to the Roland E. Powell Convention Center and will play as scheduled.  Access to the event’s Rommel Harley-Davidson and other select vendors is free and open to the public.

Although Ocean City is not expected to experience tropical storm force wind or heavy rainfall, property owners should still secure loose, lightweight objects including patio furniture and garbage cans. It is also advised to secure water vessels and anchor objects that would be unsafe to bring inside (such as propane tanks).

Ocean City will begin to experience lingering effects of the weakening category three storm, including wind, rain and tidal flooding, as early as Thursday night, September 13, and into Saturday, September 15.  With minor flooding in the downtown area predicted during high tide cycles, emergency management officials are reminding residents and visitors not to drive through flood waters. Also, for residents and property owners in flood-prone zones, remember to protect your property by moving valuables to higher levels and keep important documents in a waterproof container.

For additional information on OC Bikefest, please visit www.ocbikefest.com. For continued updates on weather and Hurricane Florence, please visit https://www.weather.gov/akq/.