Ocean City Green Team Welcomes Help For Cleanup Program Saturday


The Ocean City Green Team will host a cleanup day this Saturday, September 11th. The focus is the downtown area, but all locations within the town can be targeted for cleaning.

The International Coastal Cleanup, promoted by the Ocean Conservancy, is helping to coordinate the cleanup program.
Supplies such as bags, gloves and other materials can be picked up at City Hall in Ocean City after 9:00 a.m. Saturday.

Service learning hours are also available.

“Trash travels and whether you are inland or on the water, the bay and ocean are always downstream.  Ocean trash is a global problem but we can be a local solution,” Ocean City Environmental Engineer Gail Blazer said. “Come help be a part of the solution!”

For more information, Gail Blazer can be reached at 410-289-8825.