National Bullying Prevention Month in October reminds us of the harm bullying does. It’s always important to talk about the dangers of bullying and the trauma it can bring to its victims. However, this month, use your voice to speak up extra loud.

Research shows that bullying often leaves lasting negative effects on those who deal with it. These effects include chronic depression, increased risk of suicidal thoughts, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, poor general health, self-harm, substance abuse, and difficulty establishing trusting, reciprocal friendships and relationships. By speaking out, spreading kindness, and finding your other roles in bullying prevention, you are making school settings, workplaces, and other environments safer and happier places. We must send a message that bullying will not be tolerated in our communities, and now is the perfect time to start.


Take a stand against bullying. Spread the word about the negative effects bullying can and has caused. If you want to do what’s best for your community, here are some great steps you can take to help stop bullying.

  1. Learn more about the issue. The more informed and better educated you are, the better you can make an impact.
  2. Practice what you preach. Children mock what they see, so be a good role model for the little ones around you.
  3. Talk to your kids. Ask them about experiences at school, and make sure they feel comfortable and know they can always come to you if something happens.
  4. Monitor what your child does online. Right now, cyber-bullying is the fastest-growing type of harassment amongst young people.
  5. Form a group in your community or school system that stands for bullying prevention. Some good sources of support for this may be local businesses, PTA’s, local government, and service clubs in your area.


National Bullying Prevention Month was created by PACER and started as a weekly observation in 2006. In 2010 the observation changed to monthly.

Partial information from https://nationaldaycalendar.com/

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