Officials Investigate Fish Kill in Frankford


Scientists and officers from DNREC Environmental Crimes Unit investigated a fish kill discovered in Dirickson Creek off Old Mill Bridge Road in Frankford this past Friday.

According to Michael Globetti, DNREC spokesman, about 70 common carp ranging in size from 16 to 24 inches, were found dead. He said this fish is considered an invasive species.

“There was no sign of other fish in the creek in dissolved oxygen distress, and at this time no cause of the Frankford fish kill has been determined,” Globetti said.

DNREC’s Fisheries Section advises the public to please call the Department’s toll-free environmental hotline (800-662-8802) to report a fish kill immediately upon discovering one so that a cause might be determined. Water conditions where fish kills often occur change quickly and if an incident is not reported soon after it happens, determining what caused it becomes more difficult.