Online Virtual Tutoring Program, Brainfuse, Available to Seaford, Delmar, Laurel & Bridgeville Libraries

The Seaford District Library is proud to announce their leadership role and launch of a new virtual program, Brainfuse. The Brainfuse program, which provides a variety of online tutoring and learning support tools, was funded through the Anchor Grant from the Sussex County Department of Libraries. The Seaford District Library is in the leadership position for the grant, and the other participating libraries are Delmar, Laurel, and Bridgeville Public Libraries. Cardholders for any of these libraries can access the Brainfuse program for free. 

Rachel Wackett, Deputy Executive Director, says that the program launch couldn’t have come at a better time with students in their fourth week of school on the Western side of Sussex County. “Students are coming to the library, masked and observing social distance, but also trying to actively find learning solutions like forming learning pods. Providing equity for students is a huge issue for us and that is where Brainfuse comes in.” 

With the changing landscape of learning due to Covid-19, Brainfuse, which is one of the nation’s leading online tutoring providers, can play a vital role in getting learners where they need to be. Two of the biggest standouts in the program, currently, are the Live Tutoring Sessions and the Adult Learning Center. With these programs, the learning is differentiated so that students are getting tailored tutoring suited to their specific learning styles. 

The Live Tutoring feature, which goes live each day from 2-11PM, allows access to tutors in real time who can help with test prep, skill building, and homework. It connects learners of all ages and abilities with live tutors and it is a completely personalized feature. The sessions can be saved and replayed for students to go back to, and they can even be shared with school staff or caregivers to maximize effectiveness and help with retention. 

The Adult Learning Center is the adult version of the Live Tutoring, and adults can access help with a variety of tests including high school equivalency test prep, US Citizenship test prep, as well as lots of career resources. Whether you are looking to resume build, familiarize yourself with programming like the Microsoft Office suite, or gain writing knowledge and know how, this resource for adults is a great tool. 

Both of these features, as well as other collaboration, study, and asynchronous services through Brainfuse, are accessible at The Seaford District Library as well as the other participating libraries. The feature is also available remotely from anywhere with internet access. The service is free for those with library cards from any of the participating libraries. The login is available through their websites. 

As a community focused institution, The Seaford District Library is proud to help pioneer new learning tools during a time when we are all in flux from an educational perspective. To learn more about the program, or how to access the Brainfuse study tools and resources, reach out to the Seaford District Library by coming in (with a mask, please) or through visiting their website at  Additionally, library patrons are encouraged to call their own local libraries for details or visit their library’s website.