Operation Dawg House Investigation Results In Several Arrests, Drug Seizures


The results of a drug investigation that began in November 2020 were detailed Wednesday at Delaware State Police Troop 7 in Lewes: the taking down of a drug organization and the seizure of drugs, firearms and US currency – including the largest seizure of pre-packaged heroin in Delaware law enforcement history.

55 people have been indicted overall. 44 subjects have been arrested, and two are in custody in Maryland pending extradition. Nine individuals are still wanted.

The investigation was dubbed “Operation Dawg House.”

According to Delaware State Police, the investigation led to George Johnson being identified as the head of the organization. A wire interception order spanned several months in late 2021, leading to the identification of other members of the organization and a hierarchy of distribution.

Delaware and Maryland law enforcement agencies cooperated in the investigation.

“We believe that the defendants comprised Sussex County’s largest heroin supply network, a criminal enterprise that generated millions of dollars a year,” Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings said. “In the midst of an addiction epidemic that claims more than 400 lives a year – and in which Delaware has
consistently been one of the country’s three hardest-hit states – this operation saved lives. We need to help our neighbors in need get on the path to recovery, and need to hold accountable everyone who has helped fuel the addiction crisis – from the industry that sowed the seeds of the epidemic to the drug traffickers who profit off of it today.”

Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis said the operation is an example of the challenge of interrupting drugs – including fentanyl – that flow freely across the nation’s southern border.

“The seizures that are being made by the men and women in uniform – troopers, deputies working our highways, working our roadways, making traffic stops – are larger now than they’ve ever been,” Lewis said.

“The successful closure of large-scale narcotics investigations would not be possible without the collaborative efforts of all involved agencies,” Worcester County Sheriff Matt Crisafulli said. “This case closure has undoubtedly saved thousands of lives in Maryland and Delaware. I applaud all of the law enforcement agencies involved in this complex investigation. I am proud to be associated with the men and women who worked tirelessly, to unravel this enormous narcotics investigation. This type of work keeps our communities safe and enjoyable”.

Delaware State Police released this summary of “Operation Dawg House:”

 330,605 bags Heroin (2,543 logs / 2,314.235 grams / 2.314 Kilos)
 Main seizure was 2,500 logs of heroin Street value of approximately $1,653,025.00
 Largest seizure of pre-packaged heroin in Delaware Law Enforcement history
 20 Heroin/Fentanyl mixture caplets
 5.82 Grams of Crack Cocaine / Cocaine
 771.06 Grams Marijuana
 10 Ecstasy doses
 3 Firearms and Ammo (3 Handguns – 1 stolen with removed SN)
 $65,000.00 US Currency
 Drug Paraphernalia/Cell Phones/Documents
 3 Motor Vehicles Seized – Valued at over $50,000.00
 5 Search Warrants
 55 Subjects indicted overall

  • 44 Subjects Arrested thus far – 232 Felony Charges / 38
  • 2 Subjects in custody in Maryland pending extradition (7
    felony charges)
  • 9 Subjects currently wanted (114 Felony / 3 misdemeanor