Phone & Internet Scams On the Rise


Scam artists are contacting residents on Delmarva trying to get you to give up your personal information.  Recent scams include bogus calls from utility companies, the IRS and Social Security.  Nearly all the scams include threats of arrest if you do not act immediately.  Many want you to pay with re-loadable or gift cards or call or press a number indicated in a message.  While often a phone number might look authentic – the scammers have the ability to spoof a number.  Social Security has reported that people are being contacted about their number being suspended – and the caller will help you to reactivate your suspended number.  Again threatening language or threats of arrest have been used. If you receive one of these calls – notify the authorities.

Utilities – no utility will demand immediate payment using gift or re-loadable cards.  Contact the utility in question before you do anything.

IRS – the IRS will NEVER cold call anyone.  You will always receive a first contact by the US Mail.  At the bottom of their home page at – look for Report Phishing to make a report –

Social Security – contact Social Security’s Office of the Inspector General – 800-269-0271 or submit a report on the OIG website –

Report internet scams to the FBI’s Internet crime complaint center at