Update: Photo Pendant Found on Rehoboth Beach; Owner Located


(story update)

A keepsake thought to be lost forever in Rehoboth Beach is on its way back to its owner – a Dover man.
The pendant is a photo of his late mother.
A Brooklyn man who was walking on the beach Sunday discovered the pendant, without its chain, in the sand near Delaware Avenue. The man’s sister kept it and a photo of the pendant was widely circulated on social media.
Thomas Lee believes the pendant was lost about a week ago.

(original story)

A pendant with the image of a woman was discovered in the sand at Rehoboth Beach over the past weekend, and the people who found it are hoping to reunite it with its owner.

Rachel Kahan of Brooklyn, New York told WGMD News that she was walking on the beach near Delaware Avenue with her brother Sunday July 17th at about 11:00 a.m. when her brother spotted the pendant, without a chain, in the sand. The photo is that of an African American woman.

Pendant discovered on Rehoboth Beach Sun. July 17th (photo shared by Rachel Kahan)

“I was just really struck because it’s clearly something that I think would have a lot of sentimental value,” Kahan said.

Kahan added that they looked around after they picked up the pendant, but no one seemed to be looking for anything.

“I think it probably fell off a broken chain, or fell out of someone’s bag,” Kahan added. “I really hope to find whoever lost it.”

Kahan said it is hard to tell how long the pendant had been there, but it possibly could have been a day or two. She said the pendant was found closer to the boardwalk than the water, and that it was not wet.

Anyone who knows who the person in the photograph is or who may be the owner of the pendant – or knows who lost it – is welcome to contact WGMD News at news@wgmd.com or Mark Fowser at mark.fowser@wgmd.com. Rachel Kahan has also shared a photo of the pendant on Facebook.