Police Investigate Dead, Poisoned Bald Eagles on Eastern Shore


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services and Maryland Natural Resources Police say they are investigating a series of reported bald eagle deaths on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in Kent and Talbot County.

Officials say on March 1, six bald eagles were found dead near Route 445 and Swan Creek Road in Chestertown, Kent County. Officials say the activity surrounding their deaths is suspicious and that the activity is consistent with suspected intentional poisoning of foxes, raccoons and other “nuisance animals” in that area.

On April 3, authorities say a farm in Talbot County near Lewistown Road and Colby Road in Cordova was the site of bald eagle poisonings. One eagle died, two others were treated and are in stable condition. Authorities say the eagles had been feeding on a red fox carcass.

DNR officials say it is believed that individuals placed bait lace with carbofuran, one of the most toxic carbamate pesticides in fields, intentionally attempting to kill nuisance animals. Officials say carbofuran, which is sold under the trade name Furadan is known to be particularly toxic to birds.

State officials urge anyone with information to come forward. Natural Resources Police say they are disappointed and frustrated with the activity, noting that thirteen eagles have been poisoned under similar circumstances dating back to February 2016 in Federalsburg, MD.