Ocean City Police Department Warns of Computer Repair Scam

The Ocean City Police Department is out with a warning for residents of the resort town after scammers spoofed phone numbers claiming to be Apple Support.

Officers say an automated call showing Apple’s logo, address and a legitimate Apple phone number warned users to return the call because of a data breach. If the victim called the number they would be asked to pay for support through either a wire transfer or gift card. Detectives say many scammers ask the victim to purchase “Google Play Cards” and have the victims send the information on the card to the scammer.

OCPD Captain Ray Austin says “It’s important to remember that anyone calling you asking for payment in the form of a wire transfer or gift card is not calling from a legitimate company. It’s a scam.” The Department offers tips including being cautious when it comes to unsolicited offers, being wary if sellers only accept wire transfers, gift cards or cash, and research companies being agreeing to their services.

They also warn that if you believe you have been a victim of a similar crime to contact the OCPD or your local police department.