Poll: Marylanders Approve of Governor Hogan, Don’t Want Him to Run for President


A new Goucher College poll finds a majority of Marylanders approve of the job of Republican Governor Larry Hogan, an impressive feat in a heavily Democratic state.

The poll, conducted between February 7 and February 12 surveyed over 800 Marylanders from across the state, including the Eastern Shore. Governor Hogan’s approval rating sits at 69 percent, virtually unchanged. This makes him one of the most popular Governors in the nation.

85 percent of Republicans say the Governor is “likable” and 70 percent of Republicans said he’s “honest and trustworthy.” Just a third of those surveyed said they think the Governor should run for President in 2020.

There has been growing speculation that the Governor would enter the race for President, mounting a primary challenge against incumbent Republican President Larry Hogan. Hogan says he hasn’t given it much thought, but also hasn’t closed the door to a run.