Potential Winter Storm to Hit Maryland; Alert for Icy Roads and Bridges


If you live in or plan to travel through Maryland locations in the next day or so, monitor the weather forecast and road conditions for information on a statewide winter storm. The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) crews are preparing for the storm that is expected to begin late tonight into early tomorrow morning. The entire state must stay on alert for potentially icy roads and bridges as the storm will coincide with cold air in place. Far Western Maryland is expected to get the worst of the storm, while the lower Eastern Shore is expected to get mostly rain.

For those who do have to travel, MDOT SHA offers the following guidelines:

• Slow down. Posted speed limits are for ideal weather conditions.

• Use extra caution on elevated surfaces, such as bridges, overpasses, and ramps. These areas freeze first.

• Don’t crowd the plow. Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and MDOT SHA equipment.

• Clear snow from the entire vehicle as remaining snow on hoods and roofs can become ice and dislodge during highway travel and pose a hazard to other motorists.