UPDATED: Power Outage in Ocean Pines & Berlin Areas


UPDATED – 12:15pm – The power is coming back to residents in Ocean Pines and the Friendship area of Berlin.  Choptank Electric officials on their Facebook page say the heavy load for lights and heat caused a breaker to open.  Power is being restored a little at a time, but should be restored to everyone soon.

Choptank officials are asking members to shut off whatever non-essential equipment they had on before the outage occurred, it will provide an easier pick up of the load for the members on the affected circuit. This is similar to the circuits in your home. Each circuit can handle a certain amount of load, but if there is excess load put on the circuit, it will cause a fuse or breaker to blow.

Outage Reporting number is 1.800.410.4790 & is active 24/7 for Outage Reporting purposes.


Emergency crews are working in Ocean Pines to resolve a power outage that began around 7:30 this morning.  Ocean Pines Police do not know what has caused the outage, but Choptank Electric Cooperative reports over 3800 people without electric – mainly in North Ocean Pines and the Friendship area of Berlin.