Prepare For 4th Of July Traffic: Here’s What To Know

Independence Day is almost here, and the height of the summer tourism season at the beach is beginning. That means more people on the roads, and more traffic considerations you should plan for.

Delaware Department of Transportation Community Relations Director C.R. McLeod told WGMD News that many lane closures will start to be lifted early Friday. McLeod also said DART’s Beach Bus should be considered if you plan to visit Rehoboth Beach for fireworks Saturday night.

There will be local road closures and restrictions in Lewes for fireworks Sunday night, 4th of July.

DelDOT provided more travel information as the holiday weekend nears:

To improve Fourth of July traffic congestion for this weekend, the Delaware Department of Transportation is limiting lane closures on construction-related projects starting at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, July 2, 2021 until 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, July 6.  In the event of an emergency, lane and/or shoulder closures may occur at any given time. 

DelDOT’s App

Motorists can adjust their routes or travel times by using the DelDOT App and is available for Apple and Android smart phones/tablets. The DelDOT App can be downloaded free at the Apple and Google Play stores or at and click on the link to stores.

Transportation Management Center

Motorists are encouraged to call the following numbers to report any travel or traffic related issues:  Dial #77 from any cell phone in Delaware; (302) 659-4600 or 1-800-324-8379.  Any Emergences, please dial 911.    

Below is a brief list of Events for the 4th of July Celebration

Saturday, July 3 2021

City of Rehoboth Fireworks
The City of Rehoboth Fireworks will take place approximately at 9:15 p.m. on July 3rd.  Depending on the weather, the fireworks may launch any time after 8 p.m.

For a convenient way to travel, it’s recommended to park at either the Lewes Transit Center or Rehoboth Park & Ride and ride DART’s Beach Bus.  For more information, please visit

Rehoboth Avenue eastbound and Church Street from Route 1 will be closed to vehicle traffic beginning at 8:30 p.m.  All vehicles will have to enter Rehoboth Beach via State Road or Bayard Avenue.

All traffic north of Rehoboth Avenue should exit Rehoboth Beach via Columbia Avenue and Rehoboth Avenue.

All traffic south of Rehoboth Avenue should Exit Rehoboth Beach via Bayard Avenue southbound (Route 1 Southbound traffic only) or via Hickman Street and Munson Street westbound to State Road onto Route 1 northbound and southbound.

For further information, visit

Sunday, July 4, 2021

4th of July Celebration on the Wilmington Riverfront

Beginning around 8:30 p.m., traffic will not be permitted into the Wilmington Riverfront.  At that time, traffic will only be able to exit as all lanes will be directed out of the Riverfront area. In addition, the Market Street Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic at 5 p.m. For further information, please contact

Legislative Mall-Dover
Fireworks will take place over Legislative Mall around dusk. Motorists may anticipate delays in downtown Dover. 

Please visit:

Go Fourth Lewes Fireworks
Bridges to Lewes Beach will be closed to inbound/eastbound motor vehicle traffic on the night of July 4th for safety and traffic control. The bridges will remain open for pedestrians and bicycles. The Savannah Road Bridge will be close to vehicular traffic at 7 p.m. The Freeman Highway bridge will be close to vehicular traffic at 8 p.m.

All traffic will go directly out/westbound on Savannah Road after the fireworks. There will be no turns onto Gills Neck Road, Pilottown Road, and King’s Highway to keep traffic moving.

Cape Henlopen Drive traffic will leave via the Freeman Highway.  2021 Fireworks will be launched from a barge off of Lewes Beach at dusk.

For additional information, please visit

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