Proposed Legislation Seeks to Establish New Bills Deadline Near End of Legislative Session


House and Senate Republicans today discussed multiple reform proposals they are backing this year to improve public awareness and media scrutiny of bills moving through the state legislature. State House Minority Whip Lyndon Yearick is sponsoring House Bill 269, the first leg of a proposed constitutional amendment seeking to create a ‘crossover day.’ The measure would establish a deadline near the end of the annual legislative session, after which no new bills could crossover from one chamber to the next. Representative Yearick explains more about the concept…

At least 26 states have such laws, including Maryland, Virginia, and Georgia. HB 269 is currently pending consideration in the House Administration Committee.  

 State Senate Republican Leader Gerald Hocker also talks about why the crossover bill is needed…

The bill, which has some bipartisan support, would set Delaware Crossover Day on or before June 20th. The amendment would not apply to resolutions and the state’s operating budget, capital budget, or Grants-in-Aid bill.