Public Comment Focuses on Manufactured Home Parks at Sussex County Council


After a week off for the Fourth of July, the Sussex County Council returned to the Circle in Georgetown with an agenda chock full of items. However it was Public Comment that took center stage to begin the meeting. William Kinnick, President of the Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association, spoke for the second time about the multiple mobile home parks (MHP) throughout the county with septic and water issues. While last week DNREC cited the Donovan Smith MHP in Lewes for violations he says nothing more has been done. He wants the County inspectors to look at more than positioning and tie-downs for mobile home parks. Councilman Mark Schaeffer also brought up a family recently given a certificate of occupancy at Donovan Smith – and then discovered their home was not hooked up to septic. County Administrator Todd Lawson told the Council that he thinks the County can do more – but needs to talk with staff to see what authority the County has – or could be given going forward.

In other Council news – an ordinance that deals with how multi-family density is calculated. It’s possible to have a parcel with multiple zoning districts. The amended ordinance states that you can only use the area within the zoning district where the multi-families would be located – rather than the entire parcel. The council approved the amended ordinance with a unanimous vote.

A public hearing was held on the issuance of up to $4,723,000 of general obligation bond of Sussex County in connection with the construction and equipping of an extension of sanitary sewer services to Lochwood and authorizing the actions needed for connection. There was no comment either for or against and the Council approved bond issue with a 5 to 0 vote.

The Council also approved the extension of two developments into the Sussex County Unified Sanitary Sewer District – the Zinzer Extension for The Estuary in the Miller Creek area and the Higgins Re/Max property in the Blades area for inclusion into a current project along Route 13. Public hearings were held during this week’s meeting – with no comment on either.

Two other sewer issues were discussed. Director of Utility Planning and Design, John Ashman, told the Council that a public hearing was held in June on establishing a boundary for the North Georgetown Area of the Sussex County Unified Sanitary Sewer District. Two property owners questioned the boundary – one not included, the other was and questioned why. A new boundary has been presented to the Council dealing with three parcels. The Council approved a resolution establishing the amended boundary for the North Georgetown area.

The second pertains to a public hearing being set for the Chappell Farm annexation into the West Rehoboth Area of the Sussex County Unified Sanitary Sewer District. This is for a mixed use development at the intersection of Route 1/Coastal Highway and Cave Neck Road. A tentative public hearing is scheduled for August 31st at the regular Sussex County Council meeting.

The County Council approved all three afternoon public hearings with 4 to 0 votes, Councilman Mark Schaeffer was absent for the afternoon session.
– CU No 2252 – for an electric sub-station for Delaware Electric Cooperative to be located at the intersection of Plantations and Cedar Grove Roads west of Lewes.

– CU No 2260 – for a gun-smithing business in the area of Fawn and Sugar Hill Roads in Greenwood

– CU No 2280 – for an events venue on Fisher Road near Hopkins Road west of Lewes.

Former Councilman Sam Wilson was recognized by the Council when turned up in the audience during the afternoon session.

The Sussex County Council does not meet next Tuesday, July 20, but will meet again on Tuesday, July 27.