RBP Moves into Temporary Quarters on North Boards


The Rehoboth Beach Patrol started the season operating from a shipping container in the parking lot between the old Pennsylvania Railroad House and the Village Improvement Association.

“It almost feels like we are at the Cape Henlopen State Park, camping,” says Chief Derek Shockro of the Rehoboth Beach Patrol. “We have still all the amenities that we need to continue with first-class ocean rescue services to the residents and patrons of Rehoboth Beach. So, no matter where we got to work out of, we’re still going to continue to do our job to the highest capacity.”

“We still have the same amount of lifeguards that we had last year, and we have fewer stands, and then you add what state parks is going to add to the northern end of our territory and… we are going to have a lot of highly qualified surf-rescue lifeguards providing the best in public safety now here in Rehoboth Beach,” Chief Shockro pointed out.

The patrol’s medics stage at the Delaware Avenue information booth.

The building the RBP had used previously on Baltimore Avenue is being replaced with a modern facility that is facing delays.

The now-traditional ringing of the bell has been replaced with the raising of the flag since the RBP bell had been placed in storage.

“This year we recognize the 103rd start of a beach patrol season in Rehoboth Beach and the fourth year for Jeff Giles as captain of the RBP,” Mayor Stan Mills pointed out.

“I am appreciative of everyone’s flexibility in dealing with temporarily relocated headquarters and medical stations as well as relocated public restrooms. It won’t be too long before our ceremonial beginning of summer includes a ribbon cutting for our new combination RBP/public restrooms facility ready to serve all for decades to come,” Mayor Mills added.