Update: 1 of 2 Recreational Water Quality Advisories Lifted in Rehoboth Beach


(Update, Thursday afternoon)

A recreational water advisory for the beach at Rehoboth Avenue has been lifted.

According to the Delaware Department of Natural Resources, the latest water sample shows bacteria levels have fallen below the recreational quality limit once again. That advisory that was issued Wednesday was lifted Thursday afternoon.

The advisory at the Virginia Avenue beach remains in effect, covering Pennsylvania Avenue to Baltimore Avenue. It may be lifted Friday.

(Original story)

A water quality advisory has been issued for the beaches at Rehoboth Avenue and at Virginia Avenue.

According to the Delaware Department of Natural Resources, bacteria above the recreational water quality standard turned up. The bacteria most likely originate from wildlife sources and increased rainfall, waves or wildlife that feed near the surf such as shorebirds, marine mammals or other warm-blooded animals.

A water quality sample has been taken, and the advisory will be lifted once bacteria levels fall below recreational water limits.

Rehoboth Beach officials said Wednesday that swimmers were being kept out of the water anyway due to rough surf conditions.