UPDATE : Appointments Go Quickly For 2nd Vaccine Doses

UPDATE: Approximately 3,800 available appointments for second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were booked in about three hours Thursday after registration opened, according to the Delaware Division of Public Health. People who were not able to get an appointment through Curative next week as well as Delawareans who were vaccinated at the January 22nd-24th clinics at the Delaware City and Georgetown DMV locations will have the opportunity to be vaccinated with the second dose at an upcoming FEMA vaccination event at Dover International Speedway. Details will be announced next week.



Delawareans who got the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at state-sponsored mass events last month can now sign up for a second dose.

Registration has opened for second-dose events that will be held next week at Delaware Tech campuses:



A total of 3,800 second-dose appointments will be available. Participants will be required to show proof that they got the first shot on or before January 18th.

“Our goal is to vaccinate as many Delawareans as possible, as quickly and equitably as possible,” Governor John Carney said. “These second dose events will temporarily reduce our ability to expand access to first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. But we are making significant progress in vaccinating vulnerable 65+ Delawareans and front-line health care workers. That will help limit spread of COVID-19 and serious illness among our most vulnerable populations.”

People who got the first dose at a pharmacy or healthcare provider are asked to try to get the second dose from that same provider.

For more information about Delaware’s vaccination program, please CLICK HERE