Rehoboth Beach Adopts 2020 Comprehensive Plan In 2022


Rehoboth Beach Commissioners have voted unanimously to adopt the city’s 2020 Comprehensive Development plan. The plan goes to the governor for certification.
The process was delayed over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, and is the result of at least 18 planning commission and board of commissioners public meetings. Commissioners are expected to meet in the near future to identify priorities and establish an implementation plan.

“This plan not only meets the minimum requirements set forth by the state,” Rehoboth Beach Mayor Stan Mills said. “It greatly exceeds typical content in a comprehensive development plan and will serve us well as we plan for the future. Congratulations and many thanks to the Planning Commission and to all who contributed to creation of Rehoboth Beach’s exceptional 2020 Comprehensive Development Plan.”

According to the city, the 2020 plan outlines the city’s vision for the next decade and provides a roadmap for how Rehoboth beach may arrive at its desired ‘future Rehoboth” destination.