Rehoboth Beach Patrol Begin Another Season on the Sand


Rehoboth Beach Patrol Bell Ceremony to start the Summer of 2023 / Image courtesy Atlantic Sands Webcam

As they have for the past few years, the Rehoboth Beach patrol started their summer beach season with a bell ringing ceremony. The bell begins each guard day throughout the summer to let everyone know the beach patrol is on duty – and it will ring until the last day of guard duty in September. The ringing of the bell was started in 2021 when former beach patrol member Jeffrey Giles became the Rehoboth Beach Patrol Captain. This is the RBP’s 102nd season.

Lifeguards made their first rescue before they were even on the stands this morning, just prior to the ceremony.

Dan Miller plays the bugle and RBP members salute as the flag is raised over RBP HQ.
Rehoboth Beach Mayor Stan Mills rings the bell for the first day of the 2023 RBP season. “As mayor, I am honored to be here to ring in the start of the 2023 lifeguard season. And so, with gratitude to the Rehoboth Beach Patrol team — and to all city employees who help make Rehoboth Beach such a warm, welcoming place to visit and live — I officially ring in the 2023 summer season.”
Also attending the bell ringing was Dewey Beach Town Manager, Bill Zolper, with his father, Bill, Sr., both of whom are former RBP guards.