Rehoboth Beach Patrol Returns Dory to Service!


After years of inactivity, the Rehoboth Beach Patrol has placed its 19-foot fiberglass-hull dory back in service. Chief Derek Shockro spearheaded the project last fall to refurbish the boat for use this season.

This style of boat is popular with beach patrols at the Jersey shore, Chief Shockro points out, because many of those beaches, which have an unusually long shallow surf, are best protected by lifeguards both on shore and using similar vessels. Having a boat deployed like this one, the patrols can react much faster than having somebody swim or paddle out 200 to 300 yards depending on the size of the rips.

Here in Delaware, Chief Shockro explains, they plan to use the dory for sport and training, noting that this particular model is designed to stay afloat by holding air in compartments beneath the deck and shed water through the scuppers (slots in the hull) and the open stern.

This boat promises to offer an opportunity to RBP guards who attend the regional boat competition in New Jersey and the Nationals, he says. The only other patrol to have such a boat in Delaware is Sea Colony.

The guards in this area, he says, are known for being good runners. “We are the sand troopers… If we can get more competitive in the boats… this can hopefully help us in our points and maybe we can improve from years past,” he added.

“We can go run and swim all day long but your body needs to have a few other modes to adapt and to move forward with our training,” Chief Shockro points out. “So we have paddleboards… We have surf skis, which are like a competitive ocean kayak, and we have this boat. So it gives our guards here a few different options to stay fit and continue with their training. So once again, make our beaches the safest in the US,” he adds.

That’s Chief Shockro on the right, with Senior Lifeguard Oscar Hageman.