Rehoboth Beach Starts To Remove Recently-Installed Barricades


Some of the orange barriers set up in Rehoboth Beach to create a pedestrian walkway and space for more outdoor dining and retail are coming down.

The barricades were set up in late May, at the expense of some parking spaces.

Tuesday, the Rehoboth Beach Commissioners agreed to take down barricades and bring back about 130 parking spaces. But the barricades will remain at several restaurants on Rehoboth Avenue, Wilmington Avenue and Baltimore Avenue where they have been requested by the establishments.

Currently, they are expected to stay in place through July 31st.

Also, according to a statement from the city, it will seek federal reimbursement for the walkway and associated expenses, including the barricades and ramps that comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act. The cost was $54,526, with an estimate of an additional $2,000 for reconfiguring the walkway