Rehoboth Beach Votes to Support ‘Dark Sky Compliant’ Lighting on Boardwalk

City of Rehoboth Beach Commissioners have voted to support International Dark Sky Week, which runs from April 5 to April 12, 2021. 

April 5 through April 12 is International Dark Sky Week – which promotes the responsible use of outdoor light so that night skies and stars are visible. Artificial lighting can negatively impact wildlife, human health and the environment. Rehoboth Beach’s Environment Committee recommended that city choose Dark Sky compliant lighting for the Boardwalk and all new replacement lighting, with the goal of eventually becoming a Dark Sky compliant community.

Richard Byrne, a City Commissioner and Environmental Committee chairman says, “This is in accordance with the 2010 Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) to use environmentally responsible lighting.  This will help the City to reduce overall light pollution, become more energy efficient, reduce environmental impacts to turtles and migratory birds, and reduce negative effects on human sleep cycles.” 

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