UPDATED: Rehoboth Commissioners Meet with County Engineer on Sewer Treatment Plant


UPDATED – 12:30PM – Rehoboth Beach Commissioners this morning met with Sussex County Engineer, Hans Medlarz, to discuss a county sewer distribution system that would include the Rehoboth Beach wastewater treatment plant.   This month, Rehoboth’s consultants, the Abrahams Group – estimated a scenario of $934 per year for average user in FY 2020 only including phase 3 – to include phase 4 – integrated as a State Revolving Fund project – the cost would increase to about $1110 for the average user.  Medlarz included both phases 3 and 4 in an alternate county system and provided an estimate of $687 for FY 2020 – $709 for FY 2023.  If run by the Sussex County – the county would assume all municipal sewer-related assets, liabilities and legacy obligations after district expansion – with the biggest asset – the sewer treatment plant.  Assets no longer needed would be liquidated and proceeds contributed towards debt reduction.  City officials are interested but want more detailed information as well as public input on the proposal.


On Monday, Rehoboth Commissioners will sit down in a special meeting with the Sussex County Council to discuss including the city’s sewer treatment plant in the county’s sewer distribution system. The meeting takes place at 10AM in the commissioners meeting room at city hall.

Rehoboth Beach Commissioner Kathy McGuiness will be stepping down to focus on her new job as State Auditor. So far there is no official date for her resignation, but city officials hope to move forward to choose her replacement quickly.  A special meeting will be held on Friday, December 7th and they hope to name a new commissioner the following Monday – who would be sworn in before Christmas to finish the remainder of McGuiness’s term which ends in September of 2020.