Rehoboth Commissioners To Discuss Wilmington-Baltimore Ave. Streetscape Concept


Nine months of work have gone into creating a Wilmington – Baltimore Avenue Streetscape concept plan in Rehoboth Beach.

Commissioners will be presented with the proposal at a special meeting scheduled for Tuesday at 2:30 p.m.

The Rossi Group has been engaging with property owners, business owners, commissioners, city staff and Community organizations since last March. The goal of creating the streetscape plan is to ‘elevate perception of and interactivity with the commercial core’ of first two blocks of Baltimore Avenue and Wilmington Avenue, and the adjacent blocks of 1st Street and 2nd Street.

Sidewalks, multi-use pathways, areas for public seating, landscaping, lighting and green infrastructure may all be considered.

People who are interested in commenting during Tuesday’s meeting should register 24 hours ahead of sending an email to .

The Rehoboth Beach Commissioners also will receive a logistics analysis related to undergrounding utilities in the study area at a special meeting December 14th. The review is expected to include cost estimates. In the future, commissioners will decide if and how to move forward with design, engineering, funding and construction of a renovated streetscape.