Rehoboth Meterless Mondays Continue Into Mid-Sept.

Rehoboth Beach plans to extend Meterless Mondays into mid-September.

Parking will be free each Monday between 4:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Mayor Paul Kuhns says it’s an effort to draw in more visitors to patronize stores and restaurants that have lost revenues because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Rehoboth Beach Commissioners last week voted to extend Meterless Mondays through September 14th.

“Through efforts like Meterless Mondays, we continue to ensure our business owners have the support they need to build and grow their business as their success ultimately benefits the community as a whole. Small businesses promote economic opportunity and growth. Please shop at your local businesses to help recognize these business owners-your neighbors-and help the community,” Kuhns said.