Rehoboth Restaurants Apply For Extra Outdoor Space


Rehoboth Beach has begun to accept applications from restaurants that are interested in expanding outdoor dining onto sidewalks and public areas.

Restaurants were able to expand last year under terms of the public health state of emergency. If they want to do so this year, they need to file an application by Monday March 1st.

“The March 1 deadline gives the City time to coordinate with the restaurants to maintain public safety during the pandemic so that outdoor dining can begin by the first weekend in April,” Rehoboth Beach City Manager Sharon Lynn said. 

Retailers that want to move their display racks any further than three feet from their buildings also must apply with the City of Rehoboth.

The city staff’s review will establish required distance for pedestrians to be able to walk around the dining areas while also staying out of traffic. They also will determine how many barriers will be needed by each restaurant.