Rehoboth Revises Outdoor Dining Guidelines


New guidelines are in place regarding the use of outdoor public space in Rehoboth Beach.
Commissioners at a special meeting this week adopted the policy, which requires restaurants to have a ‘straight and continuous minimum of five feet of sidewalk in front of any outdoor seating that must be maintained at all times.’
The space should allow pedestrians to travel the sidewalks without having to dodge tables and chairs.
Outdoor tables must be eight feet apart, and a barrier is required between tables and the pedestrian pathway if alcohol is being served.
Rehoboth Commissioners are also allowing tents and canopies that do not have sides to be used for outdoor dining, and outdoor propane heating is also allowed with safety measures in place. Outdoor fire sources of heat and electric heaters are prohibited. The heating source must be placed at least five feet from a restaurant’s entrance and exit.
These measures will be in effect through next March 31st. Commissioners will continue discussing outdoor public space logistics at another special meeting Tuesday October 13th at 3:00 p.m.