Rehoboth Special Budget Workshop Monday & Tree Work to Begin


Rehoboth Commissioners will hold a Special Budget Workshop Meeting at 1pm on Monday in the City Hall Commissioners Room on the second floor. The meeting agenda includes – Continued discussion of the draft budget for fiscal year 2019/2020 as presented by City Manager.

AND a reminder to Rehoboth residents – city contractors will be working on the trees that line Rehoboth’s streets this week.  This is to provide clearance over the street and sidewalk as well as to maintain the health of the city’s trees.

In order to prune all city trees in the shortest cycle possible, there will be no additional work beyond what has already been contracted. All citizen requests should be made through a tree inspection request form available at City Hall and online at

The primary areas to be addressed are:

  • 1st-3rd blocks of South Rehoboth
  • Pennsylvania, Virginia, Olive, Maryland, and Baltimore Avenues
  • 1st-2nd blocks of Oak Ave., 1st block of Park Avenue

Please keep streets that crews are working on clear of any parked vehicles and honor any posted NO PARKING signs. Also, please remove any personal items placed in the city right of way.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation while we maintain our city trees. Please contact the city arborist at 227-6181 x 206 if you have any questions.

Private Property Tree and Shrub Maintenance City contractors will not prune any trees or shrubs planted on private property. Property owners are asked to maintain their plants by removing dead limbs and ensuring a clear space of 8 feet above the sidewalk. Plants should be pruned to prevent obstruction of street lights, signage, fire hydrants, and to allow traffic and pedestrian visibility.