Relief Payments Available to Frontline Farm and Meatpacking Workers


Frontline farm and meatpacking workers, who incurred expenses preparing for, preventing exposure to, and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, can apply for a one-time, non-taxed $600 relief payment at Relief payments will remain available until funds are exhausted. Eligible beneficiaries who live or work in Delaware are encouraged to apply early. These payments are not loans, and payment recipients will not be taxed. Only one relief payment can be issued to an eligible beneficiary.

The relief payments are provided through the Farm and Food Workers Relief Program (FFWR) and are the result of the Delaware Department of Agriculture partnering with Pasa Sustainable Agriculture.

Additional Information from the Delaware Department of Agriculture

Since farm owners and operators were eligible for COVID-19 relief through other USDA programs, they do not qualify for the FFWR Program unless they have proof of employment as frontline farm or meatpacking workers on farms they do not also own or operate.

Applicants must provide (1) photo identification and (2) acceptable proof of employment as a farm or meatpacking worker within the U.S. and its territories between January 27, 2020, and the end of the incident period for the major disaster declaration related to COVID-19. Immigration status is not one of the eligibility criteria. Youth under 18 are eligible for a relief payment and must provide the same documentation as described above. More eligibility information and required documentation are available at